So You Want To Learn Canes?

Well, you're in the right place!

 My most popular workshop is now available on demand!

Welcome to the 5 Days of Canes Workshop!

I've been waiting for this!

In this workshop, we'll start with some basic leaf canes and build from there! With each video you'll learn new skills and techniques that will have you making amazing canes in no time! You can follow the simple black and white color palette that I am demonstrating, or go wild and choose your own colors! There are no rules!

What's Inside:

Video One

Two ways to make a leaf cane

Video Two

Three simple flower canes

Video Three

Rainbow Cane

Video Four

Starry night cane

Video Five

Vine cane and putting them all together

What people are saying...

"Thank you Kristin. The class has been very clear even for those of us who are not native in English. It has not been difficult to follow you, you have used simple words, thanks for that. and I am very proud of what has come out of me!"


"I sat and did day one and now I'm onto day two! I'm LOVING your tutorials, I was so intimidated, but you really have eliminated that!"


"Just caught up on the first two videos, wow wow wow! I've gotten frustrated with canes in the past but following along with his workshop is helping me stay patient + finally see some good results! Thank you so much Kristin! I never thought I could make anything this cute!"


You decide the price!


from zero to a million

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Pay What you Want!

I believe this workshop teaches valuable skills when it comes to learning canes! I don't want cost to be the reason you don't take it! If you want it for free- you got it! If you want to throw a few dollars my way so that I can continue to offer these workshops in the future, it is so very appreciated!