It's all within you!

Everything you need to know to manifest the creative business of your wildest dreams lies within you!  LET'S UNLEASH IT!

 What's Included:

Six modules help you discover your limitless potential and open you up to the abundance of the universe.
A workbook to guide you through the modules.  This is where your breakthroughs will happen!
Six bi-weekly group coaching calls to help you integrate the lessons into your business.
A toolbox full of meditations and journal prompts to guide you through every step of the way!

The Universe is always conspiring in your favor.

You CAN have the business of your wildest dreams!  When you tune in to your intuition, are able to manage your energy, and create from flow, people will be magnetized to you and your work. Your limitless potential is just on the other side of your limiting beliefs.  Let’s bust through them!

I'm Ready For My Dream Biz!

The modules:

Module 1: The 12 Laws of The Universe
You may be familiar with the Law of Attraction, but that’s only a fraction of the picture. We’ll get to know these 12 Laws and how to work with them to manifest the business of your dreams.

Module 2: Limiting Beliefs
We’ll get right down to the bottom of what’s holding you back, and create new beliefs that will actually serve you. From money to self-worth, we’re busting those myths and clearing the path to your limitless potential.

Module 3: Everything is Energy
When you start to look at the world through the lens of energy, everything changes. Your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions all create your energetic state.  When we show up from our highest vibration, you and your work will naturally be a magnet to the type of customers you. 

Module 4: Accessing Your Intuition
Deep down we all know the truth about ourselves - that we’re pure, whole, and capable of anything.  We have all the answers we need.  But throughout the course of our lives, we’ve been programmed to not listen to ourselves, to our intuition. With the right tools and some practice, you can tune back into the whisperings of your soul.

Module 5: Creating from a Flow State
When you tap into the flow you can create from an endless source of creative energy. This is where time stops and it’s only you and your work.  I’ll give you a toolbox that you can draw upon to get you into flow whenever you want!

Module 6: Detaching From Your Results
When you can truly separate your emotions from your results, you can start to see them as data that can guide your decisions moving forward. You’ll learn to apply this across the board from sales to social media.

Group Coaching Calls
Every other week we’ll get together on a group coaching call to discuss how to implement these practices into your business and I’ll coach you through any issues that may be arising for you and aid in creating a strategy for your next moves.

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