Let's Make This Easy!

No more scouring the internet, books, social media, and craft stores. Forgetting where you saw that one tip.  Wondering what to do next. Is this the right way?  Why is it breaking? Where did those bubbles come from? Trust me, there is an easier way!

 What's Inside:

  • Six in-depth modules covering everything you need to know to make your very own polymer clay earrings.
  • A bonus module covering common mistakes and my favorite tips and tricks. New videos will be added as needed.
  • A variety of tutorials on decorative methods. You'll be creating your own unique earrings in no time!
  • Sourcing quality supplies can be a difficult task, so you'll also get links to all my favorite tools and supplies!

Maybe you've seen those amazing earrings everyone is wearing made out of polymer clay and wished you could make some yourself. Or you even tried it and realized it was a little tricker than you thought? Or perhaps you've been making them for a little bit and you're frustrated with all the conflicting information you get from around the internet?

Well, I am here to make it easy on you!  Polymer Clay Earrings Made Easy contains all the information you need to make your own high quality polymer clay earrings. And the best part is we put it in easy to follow videos, on a searchable site that you can come back to time and time again when you need it.  From start to finish, you'll be impressing your friends with your amazing earrings in no time!

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The Modules:

Lesson 1: What Is Polymer Clay
Learn the basics about polymer clay and the best brands to use for jewelry.

Lesson 2: Tools and Materials
I'll show you basic, intermediate, and advanced tools and give you links on where to buy all of them.

Lesson 3: Let's Get Making
We'll talk all about conditioning your clay, cutting your shapes, color mixing, and more!

Lesson 4: Baking Your Pieces
Learn how to bake your pieces the right way, so they're strong, durable, and bubble free!

Lesson 5: Finishing Your Pieces
Sanding, drilling, assembling, varnishing, removing imperfections- it's all covered here!

Lesson 6: Decorative Techniques
Learn some amazing decorative techniques to get you making your own unique earrings in no time!

Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting:
I'm sharing all my secrets here!

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